EYRIE.KVET.CH is both the DNS domain and kerberos realm for The Iowa City Lundbergs. This is strictly Household IT, not an enterprise by any stretch of the imagination. I just don’t see the point in getting certificates from cert mills like Comodo that offer no value and do more harm than good to trust online.

In light of that, this is the site for publishing certificates for devices and users at The Eyrie, and occasionally used outside the house on services and systems intended for use by our household.

For example: If you wish to exchange encrypted emails with users here, you’re at the right place. As of 2016-07-08 this is only me, Emory. But I will always have my current X.509 certificate for S/MIME email here. I prefer S/MIME to GNUPG/PGP mainly because of the support in iOS.

If you’d like me to sign a certificate for you that my users will accept as valid by default without hassle, you may send me a CRL and I’ll sign it with an intermediate certificate that is trustworthy for us.

I think peer-to-peer PKI is probably the sanest method of deploying this sort of technology, until such a time that cert mills start offering something beyond the appearance of identity validation.